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The Latest and Fashionable Prom Dresses Trends

The latest trends comes with high quality dresses that are very elegant and fashionable. The dresses are very stylish and very suitable for various occasion. Some of the top rated fashionable prom dresses include:

The high low hem

This is one of the latest trends that now most elegant dresses are designed into. The style is very smart and the dresses are suitable for different occasions. The high low hem dress is suitable for office attire due to its splendid nature. It is also the best dress for red carpet events, nights out and even dinner amongst others. The trend comes in different colors like the black dresses, red dresses and even white dresses. This is one of the latest trends that will make you look very smart in a sophisticated high low hem dress.

The slit dress

This is another smart and fashionable dress trend that has designed different dresses for various occasions. The slit dresses can either be long dress or the maxi skirts. It therefore makes the maxi style very fashionable the whole season. The long dresses with slit are also suitable for red carpet activities, office work and even outings with loved ones. This fashion also comes with dresses of all colors hence you will always find it very reliable as you can find your favorite dress color.

Sheer and chiffon

This is the best trend that enables you show your smarts legs in a very stylish way. The sheer fabric is very attractive as it create perfect lines between the dressy and casual. This trend also designs the dresses that are suitable for different occasions like evening dinner, red carpet activities and even office work.

Peplum dresses

This is another gorgeous trending dress that is very stylish. The dress is a pencil dress that has belly stitching and much portion around the heaps. It fits very properly and greatly enhances the figure of any female person. It is therefore very stylish and modish in a way that you will always be proud when in such an elegant dress. It is recommended for office attire and other special occasions.

The mini dresses

The mini dresses are always in fashion and comes in all colors. The black dresses are some of the gorgeous mini dresses you will definitely love. They are sophisticated and simple hence you will always be very comfortable in such a dress. The latest trend of the mini dresses focuses just from below the knees to above your ankles. The mini has very many designs like the sheath dress, A-line dress and the pencil dress amongst others. You can always wear the mini dresses for red carpet activity, office wear and nights outs. This is one of the top rated trends that you will definitely love since it is very elegant and fashionable type of dress.

The Trapeze dresses

This is one of the upcoming dress trend. It is suitable for women who do not feel comfortable by showing some parts of their body. The dress is very stylish and decent hence suitable for various occasions and activities. It of chic design bedsides its incredible style. Due to its design, it is the best dress to wear during the summer breezy days. The light weight fabrics comes in different lengths and colors suitable for all seasons.

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5 Top Trends for Men


Have been wondering what to look forward this year? Then you might be interested of changing your wardrobes to a new great collection of fashion and trend. Either your preparing for summer or winter season, there are available clothes to help you get up to date with the latest trend and fashion of clothing.

Be the star and change your outfit this year, use the top 5 trends for men to change your year for your new journey. Plenty of girls would surely die just to get closer and meet you, be a trend and start living like a star. These are the list of top five trend fashion for men that would probably keep the girls cheered up.

  1. man-fashion-suitAll White – who says you can only wear all white trend in special occasions? This year, they are making all white as a new trend. You may use a stripe blazer, white inner and trousers. Wear those slim fit to you and you are good to go this summer. Shades with cream, ivory or beige color, would surely keep you look warmer and attractive to girls.
  2. Colorful Prints – if you don’t like white? Then you can go for colorful print. This is another trend for men that you should never miss out. You may choose weather upper or lower apparel for your colorful prints and pick darker colors to pair with it. You can either choose dark colorful prints and lighter pair, it depends on how you like it. But whatever you choose, these colorful trends will surely hook you up until next year.
  3. Bomber Jackets – after summer lets go to winter. Bomber jackets are the best trend for those who are getting ready for their winter season. It may be winter but the fashion of trend never stops whatever circumstances may come. Jackets doesn’t just end up giving warmth to this winter weather, it will also help you get the trend of fashion throughout the year.
  4. Pastels – warmer season? Start wearing pastels trend. This is best for summer season where you get more opportunity to wear lighter clothes with light colors. You will be able to enjoy the summer with new trend of fashion using pastel clothes, starting from white polo’s, t-shirt or even light colored bomber jacket.
  5. Suit Separates – For those who love suit and tie out there, this is your chance to enjoy the fashion of wearing suit separates trend. You may mix your suit with different colors you desire and you will still get the trendy look that you have been craving for. The best thing about suit trend is that, it will also be considered as casual when you pair it with your sporty clothes. You may pick your classy trouser, slim fit blazer, long sleeve inner and pair it with your sporty shoes. This would probably make you stand out and be the trend this year using your favorite suit.

There might be new trend to come but you don’t have to take all your clothes away, because mixing from old school to new ones will make you have a versatile wardrobe. This will keep you on top to fashion and trend without purchasing new apparel from time to time. Just a reminder that most of new trends from this year are much more alike to last few years of fashion, so it would be best to keep those closets waiting for you to use. Whatever seasons you want to prepare this year, you can always wear something that is fashionable and trendy throughout the day, with these 5 top trend for men.

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A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Blogger

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Deadliest Fashion Trends | SERIOUSLY STRANGE

Deadliest Fashion Trends | SERIOUSLY STRANGE

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Fashion Haul:: Eden Sky, Topshop, & More!

Fashion Haul:: Eden Sky, Topshop, & More!